Jay Chou is famous musician


Chinese Taiwanese pop singer, famous musician, music creator, composer, lyricist, producer, one of the bosses of Jewel Music Company, director. In recent years, he has been involved in the film industry. Jay Chou is the most revolutionary and indicative singer of the Asian pop music scene after 2000, and is known as the “Asian Pop King”. He broke through the theme and form of the original Asian music, combined with diverse musical materials, and created a variety of song styles, especially the hip-hop or rhythm and blues that blend Chinese and Western styles. It is said to be the Chinese pop music “China” The first sound of the wind. The emergence of Jay Chou broke the stagnation of the Asian pop music scene for a long time, opening a new page for the Asian pop music scene!

Jay Chou, who made a miracle in the music world, entered the film circle in 2005. In the film “Initial D“, he played the protagonist Tuo Hai. His natural performance not only made many fans crazy, but also won the Golden Horse Best Newcomer Award. . The results of the first electric shock made Jay Chou fascinated. In 2006, in the “Golden Armor of the City” directed by Zhang Yimou, Jay Chou cooperated with Chow Yun-fat, Gong Li and other superstars to play the role of the second emperor, and personally created the theme song “Chrysanthemum Taiwan” for the film. In 2007, he directed and self-directed the triangle pure love story of the high school era, “The Secrets That Can’t Be Say”, showing all kinds of talents. Next, Jay Chou starred in Zhu Yanping’s “The Big Dunk”. In 2008, in addition to cooperating with Jia Zhangke, “The Tattoo Age”, Jay Chou also starred in the action film “Su Shier” directed by Yuan Heping. In 2009, he and Zhu Yanping collaborated on the film “Ting Ling”. In 2010, Jay Chou marched into Hollywood and starred in “The Green Hornet.”