Jay Chou concert tickets are hard to grab


On August 6th, Jay Chou’s Xiamen concert tickets were officially opened. Tickets for all price points, whether it was 2000 or 1,700, or 700, 500, all in 10 seconds, the handicapped party shouted “I can’t afford to hurt” . Jay Chou’s concert tickets are seconds, which is really expected. It is understood that this world tour will be held from October 17, 2019, until 2020, the specific itinerary will not be said, you can search on the Internet.

This time Jay Chou concert tickets seconds, let me understand the truth, “There is no eternal enemy, only their own interests.” In the past few days when the list was played, the fans were more united than one family, just like a family. When they bought the tickets, they all said that “the six parents did not recognize it.” This is Jay Chou’s confession of iron powder. Although the words are somewhat unfair, it is not difficult to see that there is no malice. It is just a simple spit, because he did not grab the ticket.

Another fan sent a message saying: “Fortunately, I grabbed a ticket three years ago, and it is also a person who has seen Jay Chou concert.” This sentence caused a lot of repercussions, many fans expressed their admiration, envy, and even embarrassment. I personally laughed at these comments. I have to say Jay Chou’s fans. Although some people are already 30 or even 40, they do not affect his “skin”. Jay Chou can have such fans. It is really enviable. .

Jay Chou debuted in 2000. He has already won three awards since he debuted. He is the peak of his debut. He has harvested his own unique songs in a novel way, or he can conquer a large number of fans. In fact, now I think about it. It is a kind of enjoyment to listen to Jay Chou’s songs in high school. Now that the Internet is so developed, it is really happy to hear Jay Chou’s song on the mobile phone.

The Jay Chou Carnival World Tour is about to kick off. I don’t know what kind of surprise he will bring us this time. Let us prepare the banknotes and wait and see. Finally, remind everyone, don’t be too anxious, leave a hand to the disabled party.