Jay Chou Classic songs


Jay Chou debuted in 2000. In 16 years, Jay Chou continued to create good songs, and his songs accompanied everyone’s growth. Jay Chou has started a world tour concert in June, and the domestic tour has also begun. After the fans know the news, the response is overwhelming! Jay Chou’s debut in the 16 years of good songs, this time Xiaobian selected 10 of the songs, let everyone vote for which is the classic in the classic 16 years?

Jay Chou is good at combining various musical elements to create and composing all the album compositions. The unique music style has deeply attracted fans. In 2000, he debuted his debut album “Jay” and won the “Best Pop” of Taiwan Golden Melody Awards. The singing album award” proved his strength.

Jay Chou’s 2018 surface strongest concert tour is going on, I look forward to Jay Chou coming to your city to open a concert!

1. Jay Chou’s debut album “Jay” – Tornado

The song that has the most Jay Chou singer in the debut album is not the tornado!

2. Jay Chou’s debut album “Jay” – Xingqing

The lyrics of Xingqing are also from Jay Chou’s handwriting, listening to the songs all imagined the picture of the lyrics. The most important thing is that when I was a child, I sang KTV with my classmates and sang “Hand in hand, two steps, three steps, four steps, looking at the sky; watching the stars, two three, four, and four wires in a line”, the fingers will automatically compare one Two three four four!

3. Jay Chou’s debut album “Jay” – cute woman

The lovely woman is a friendship between Jay Chou and Xu Ruoxi, who is a composer and lyricist respectively. The whole song is very R&B, it sounds smooth and has a gentle feeling.