Jay Chou 2019 Concert Song


As a heavyweight in the Chinese music scene, Jay Chou has a lot of favorite songs. Many of his previous songs are called classics. In many years of singer career, his various songs are full of his own strong personal style, but his song style is not very single, but very diversified. Whether it is Jay Chou’s own unique Zhou sing tunes or Chinese style songs, it is a great success. It has withstood the test of the ever-changing Chinese song market. It has been loved and sought after by many people, and many songs after many years. They all maintain a high degree of heat.

Jay Chou was able to become a standout in the era of music talents at the time, indicating that his musical talent and style are unique. Many of his works are now songs that must be ordered when you sing songs. There are a lot of popular works, and a few of them are well known.

On a sunny day, this song has a unique record, and many songs are difficult to surpass its record. It has the highest number of comments on the famous music player platform Netease Music. Everyone has expressed their nostalgia and recollection of the past time in the comments. At that time, many people’s youth stories were heard by Jay Chou’s sunny day. Therefore, this song with a youthful campus style has become the youthful memories of countless people who have left the campus and grown up. Everyone listens to the beautiful melodies of this song and always finds the past, the beautiful memories of the most ignorant time of youth love.

Listening to my mother’s words, this song is very meaningful. In this song, Jay Chou expressed gratitude for the mother’s growing up from small to big. When I was a child, I was always ignorant and rebellious. I didn’t take my mother’s words to my heart. I often provoked my mother and made my mother angry. When I grew up, I found out that I was not sensible when I was a child. What my mother said was for my future development.