Jay Chou 2019 Concert Preview


After marrying and having children reorganized for three years, I finally re-released new songs and started a concert tour, so that the fans’ long-sinking hearts began to float again. As early as a while ago, Jay Chou has already announced that the new song will be released in September. This is to sing at the concert. The genre and song title are kept secret, but recently some netizens have exposed Jay Chou’s concert. Some wonderful previews, but also revealed the style of the new song, let’s take a look.

The first one: The concerts on this tour are mainly joyous themes, most of which are cheerful bass songs, such as “Sweet“, “Sailor afraid of water”, etc., are familiar to everyone, you can follow them together;

Article 2: The new song launched in September is a fast song, and the style is also cheerful;

Article 3: This concert has prepared a large number of props. In addition to watching concerts, you can enjoy a wonderful performance like a circus. It is a visual feast;

Article 4: The concert will host a large number of guests, most of whom are new artists from Jay Chou, and will give new artists more opportunities to sing, and Jay Chou will sing as little as possible;

Article 5: The duration of this tour concert is 3 years, covering the 5th-line city, so don’t go all the way to other cities to see the concert, because Jay Chou will sing to your door sooner or later;

Article 6: The opening of the concert will be in the form of magic;

After reading the above 6 wonderful previews, I don’t know if everyone is looking forward to the concert as I am. I believe that the netizens who bought the tickets have been complacent and feel that the ticket value is this.

Regarding the tickets, everyone can check on the official website. The small series summarizes: it is reasonable to be reasonable, in line with the economic situation of the people in the same class; the lowest price of Changsha is 400, the highest is 2000, of course, the more the front Expensive, but even the farthest ticket from the center of the stage can also feel the shocking power of the scene, which is generally worthwhile. After all, with the growth of age, Jay Chou’s lung capacity is not as good as before, the concert is also opened once less, so everyone cherish it!