Introduction to soft and hard Tianshi Lin Haifeng

林海峰 “Happy Monday” 是但噏 2019

At the beginning of 1988, the “soft and hard heavenly master” (hard celestial division – Lin Haifeng, soft Tianshi – Ge Minhui), with the stupidity of a young man, played the true nature of the ignorant ghost horse, and made a name for himself on the radio. “Soft and Hard Manufacturing” is the young TV show that the two starred for the first time. When it was funny, it made its true feelings and became the popular idol of young people at that time.
“Soft and Hard Manufacturing” is a comprehensive entertainment program hosted by TVB, which was hosted by Soft and Hard Masters in 1993. There are ten episodes (including “Soft and Hard Recreated on July 4th / 3rd”). In one episode, a popular star will be invited as a guest to come to the scene to interact with the audience. Each episode of the audience will come from the same industry. In addition to chatting with them, the soft and hard celestials will invite them to participate in their careers. Fun game [1]. Once broadcast, the show caused great sensation among Hong Kong, especially among young people, and even formed a unique pop culture. The film “The Nursing Home” was also cited as an episode in Jackie Chan’s movie “City Hunter“. This song, when it was so red, was once sung in school with the theme song of “Kara House Enterprise”. The sequel to the series of soft and hard works, which was launched after the “soft and hard manufacturing”, “The Hard and Hard Recreated on July 4th / 3rd” made Lin Haifeng and Ge Minhui become the top ten performing arts with Zhou Xingchi, Zhang Xueyou and Dawn. Reds and Hong Kong’s most popular entertainment combination of song, dance and film.
In 1993, TVB launched the variety entertainment program “Soft and Hard Manufacturing” hosted by the soft and hard heavenly masters, which became the most popular program for young people at that time. It even caused the interest of friends who never watched TV before, and created amazing ratings. Although Red Stars such as Tony Leung and Andy Lau have also participated in many variety shows, they are just chat interviews, talking and laughing. “Soft and Hard Manufacturing” is a non-concealed and fun game that connects ordinary citizens and stars with the soft and hard heaven. It is the pioneering work of China’s whole entertainment program.