The most influential singer in Chinese music


Jay Chou is a Taiwanese pop singer, songwriter, actor, director and producer. He was born in xinbei, Taiwan on January 18, 1979. His ancestral home is yongchun county, quanzhou city, fujian province. Growing up in linkou district, Taipei county, Taiwan, jay Chou has shown a strong interest in music since childhood, and likes to imitate singers, actors and performing magic tricks. His parents are both middle school teachers, his mother ye huimei is an art teacher in linkou high school, and his father zhou yaozhong is a biomedical researcher.

Mention Chinese music’s most influential singer, then it is believed that many netizens think of Jay Chou (Jay Chou), can say he is our after 80, 90, one of the most favorite male singer, and many of his classic songs will point is that we go to KTV song, he released in 2000 debut album “Jay“, he with his unique voice and personality charm swept the country quickly. His previous relationship with Asian diva jolin tsai was highly publicized by fans until jay and Hannah quinlivan announced their relationship in 2010 and married in 2015.

Recently, jay Chou’s “waiting for your class to end” has been loved by many netizens. This catchy song and lyrics full of youthful atmosphere have become a must song for mai ba at KTV. In 2018, jay Chou’s most powerful concert tour was officially launched. Many fans are eager to see jay Chou live. Next, let’s learn about it together.