The most important musician in the pop music scene


Since the birth of Jay Chou’s music, the Chinese music scene seems to have already set off a revolution in music. A group of young fans who have no concept of genre have begun to fanatically like all kinds of feelings for people, refreshing and unrestrained. Music theme. Since then, RAP, R&B, and Chinese style have become the mainstream in the Chinese music scene. If there is no Jay, the Chinese music scene will become another scene. Jay Chou’s contribution to the Chinese music scene is really too big. Jay Chou’s style is enough to carry forward the past and the future, and it is a landmark. From then on, the style of C-Pop can be turned into rooted in black people. In addition to Rap, Hip Hop, R&B,

It has led the trend of new style and created a highly successful conceptualization of the Chinese style.

Jay Chou influences and inspires an endless stream of outstanding imitators, followers, and competitors with a large number of high quality and strong strength. Therefore, it is only Jay Chou who can be truly remembered as a popular cultural indicator of the new era symbol. He uses his own personality definition, interprets his talents, and averages the speed of an album every year. C-Pop constantly pours and integrates fresh blood from all walks of life, enriching the diversified music creation ideas.

Early experiences:

Born in Taipei, Jay Chou divorced from his parents and grew up in his mother’s upbringing. At the age of 8 he began to write songs and was famous in the Jinhua Kingdom he read. High school studied at Minjiang Middle School, majoring in piano and minor in cello. The divorce of the parents, the failure of the joint entrance exam, and the suffering of the illness made Jay Chou fall into the bottom of life, but he still did not forget the music, but became one of his motivations for music. His superb on-the-spot creation ability and the profound foundation of modern classical music from the East and West have laid a solid foundation for his future musical path.

In the absence of their knowledge, others helped Jay Chou to sign up for the “Super Supernova” entertainment program, accidentally won the runner-up, and entered the game with very strange songs. Wu Zongxian looked at the score from the back of the referee and was greatly amazed and very complicated. It wasn’t the average musician who could arrange and play it. After the performance, Wu Zongxian went to the background to find Jay Chou and signed him down. However, no one in the music circle liked the song he wrote; Wu Zongxian agreed, Jay Chou ten days Time, if you can write 50 songs, help him select 10 out of the album, Jay Chou immediately created, ten days, Jay Chou wrote fifty songs, each song is a full-scale workmanship, word writing The drift is beautiful.