Hong Kong songs queen is Joey Yung


In 1998, Joey Yung signed the “Feitu Record”. Because the company was “Emperor Entertainment, Acquisition, and Joey Yung became the Emperor Entertainment Singer, he really started his acting career. In 1999, the first EP “Unknown” was released and sold more than 130,000 pieces. In 2001, for the first time, a personal ticketing conference was held in the Red Pavilion. In 2003, the single “Girl with Wings” won the Gold Medal for the Top Ten Golden Songs, and won the Top Ten Golden Song Awards Ceremony “The Most Popular Female Singers”, The Music Awards Ceremony “The Golden Music Award for Female Musicians” and the “Media Awards” of the four joint music awards. With the “Girls with Wings”, Joey Yung was well known by mainland fans and took the position of a sister in Hong Kong.

So far, Joey Yung has won ten major songs and songs, “The Most Popular Female Singers”, three top ten songs, “Golden Song Gold Award” songs, nine times the singer-song singer gold medal; three times won four joint “Media Awards”; He held a personal concert at the Hung Hom Sports Centre in Hong Kong and held over 90 concerts on the world tour. Of course, there are so many achievements, and the Emperor boss Yang Shoucheng is indispensable. Although Joey Yung is popular, there are still many people who still vomit and ridicule her. Even the artists in the circle often ugly and make fun of their grandfathers. Like Liang Sihao imitating the ugly ancestors on the show and Zeng Zhiwei ridiculed the ancestors on the show, both of them later Inexplicably attacked, the discerning eye knows that this is Yang Shoucheng exercising for her. With Yang Shoucheng’s escort, Joey Yung is getting better and better in the music scene in Hong Kong.

However, the company vigorously promoted the red and the relationship between the two was too close, so that Joey Yung carried a lot of peach-colored scandals. The rumored relationship between Yang Shoucheng and Joey Yung on the Internet said that it relied on Yang Shoucheng’s superior position and was driven by Yang Shoucheng. One of the most famous online rumors was the “Clip Spring” event. When the net uploading words were still the newcomers’ Joey Yung and Ye Peiwen accompanying a boss, the bad mood boss pointed at the spring rolls on the table and said that if they could use the lower body to crush the spring rolls, they would hold it. Finally, Joey Yung won the game and began to be highly praised by the company. Of course, this is just an online rumor that has not received a positive response from the parties, nor can it confirm the authenticity.

Since her 20-year debut, Joey Yung has had many achievements in the music world. Her awards have even surpassed Anita Mui, becoming the most awarded female singer in the history of Hong Kong’s major awards. Because of her lack of conditions, Joey Yung paid several times more efforts than others, but her efforts finally ushered in the best return. Joey Yung’s acting career was an inspirational story.