Hatsune miku’s 2019 concert in Hong Kong


On the evening of July 19, BML VR (BML holographic concert) was held at the mercedes-benz cultural center in Shanghai as scheduled. Hatsune miku, luo tianyi, fan ai and other popular virtual artists, in the field of nearly ten thousand people should help the sound, launched a more than three hours of wonderful performance.

The annual BILIBILI MACRO LINK (BML) is a large-scale offline event hosted by BILIBILI, a youth cultural community (BILIBILI). BML has become a unique cultural symbol for young people, growing from a small show with more than 800 people in the early stage to a large concert with tens of thousands gathered in three days.

As an emerging form of performance, BML VR performers are all virtual artists. The interesting part of the concert is that virtual characters can appear on the stage and interact with the audience through the most cutting-edge “holographic photography technology”, thus presenting a performance full of “science fiction” visual sense.

Compared with previous BML VR concerts, this year’s concert has a more surprising lineup: hatsune miku, who cooperated with BML for the first time, also performed with luo tianyi for the first time. In recent years, the rapidly rising Vtuber (virtual anchor) also performed songs with bzhanzang niang 22 and 33 and a number of domestic original virtual images. It can be said that this year’s BML VR concert is the strongest virtual idol concert so far.

Hatsune miku, born in 2007, is a globally famous virtual songji. She has become popular in the Internet world because of songs like “jilong song” and “thousand honsakura”. Fans from all over the world have created thousands of songs for hatsune. Luo tianyi is currently a popular Chinese virtual songji. On the B website, fans have created a number of music video duet by luo tianyi and hatuka miku.