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Hatsune Miku Concert 2019

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初音未來演唱會 初音未來演唱會
  • Jul 27, 2019
  • Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center Huixing Star Hall
  • 1 Exhibition Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Hatsune Miku (Japanese: Hatsune Miku/Hatsune Miku, Chinese circle is often referred to as “Hatsune”) is a virtual version of Crypton Future Media (“Crypton”) based on Yamaha’s VOCALOID 2 speech synthesis engine. Female singer software, the first vocal series of characters, the electronic instrument of VSTi specification; or the impression role of this software (this is just a symbol of software, it will not appear in actual use). Released on August 31, 2007, the open price, the official estimate of the actual price of the series of software is about 15,750 yen. Originally available for Microsoft Windows only, it was released for MacOS on March 19, 2008 with CrossOver Mac 6.1, VOCALOID 3 version released in 2014, and VOCALOID 4 version released in 2016 has native support for macOS. The modified Hating can also perform the Hatsune Miku correctly on the GNU/Linux system.

Hong Kong Concert
  • Date of performance:

    Jul 27, 2019

  • Ticket price:
    HK$980 (VIP) / $780 / $580 / $380
  • Performance venue:
    Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center Huixing Star Hall

Hatsune Miku's concert ticket purchase notice

  • Reserve tickets for Hatsune Mikuare preferred. The above Hatsune Miku tickets show the number of priority bookings so that the customer can choose the area where they want to watch the concert. Customers who purchase priority bookings will receive Hatsune Miku tickets by post 10 days prior to the opening. Priority Hatsune Miku tickets are credit card priority booking types.
  • All Hatsune Miku tickets on the platform belong to the Hatsune Mikutickets for the seller, and Ticketbuynow only charges 18% commission from the seller.
  • Purchasing Hatsune Miku tickets If the ticket is successfully purchased, the ticket will be sent to the postal address within 10 days before the opening. If you fail to purchase the tickets for the purchase of Hatsune Miku, you will receive a full refund. This clause applies only to the purchase ofHatsune Mikutickets.
  • OtherHatsune Miku tickets (including Hatsune Miku Tickets for Priority Booking and Purchasing) will be arranged within two weeks from the date of purchase to 10 days before the opening of the ticket. The customer will receive the courier number by email.
  • AllHatsune Miku tickets for the opening of the week will be arranged to ensure that customers can receive Hatsune Miku tickets before the opening. The customer will receive the customer service agreement after the purchase of the ticket to confirm the order and arrange for settlement.
  • All tickets for Hatsune Miku tickets under the same order are 2-4 tickets. If there are special circumstances or need to be arranged separately, the ticket will contact the customer about the seat transfer and will determine the seat according to the customer’s wishes. Transfer
  • All Hatsune Miku Tickets are physical tickets, which can be used directly to enter the venue, so if they are lost, they will not be reissued.
  • All Hatsune Miku tickets have been verified by the letter pass Letter passto ensure that Hatsune Miku tickets are correct. Click here to learn more about the letter pass
  • The stock of All Hatsune Miku tickets is updated at any time. The stock is based on the quantity displayed at the time. When stocks last, there are no tickets.

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Ticket location and venue

Hatsune Miku Concert seating table –

Hatsune Miku Concert tickets

  • Tuesday 2019, August 27


  • Regardless of age, each ticket is for one person only. You must have a valid ticket when you enter the venue.
  • Please take care of your tickets! If the position ticket is lost, there will be no replacement!
  • In order to avoid the sale of tickets, please select the tickets online as soon as possible and buy them immediately. Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited within the Kowloon Bay International Trade Fair and no foreign food and beverages are allowed to enter the Expo.

Hatsune Miku Concert Venue details

Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center


Address: No. 1 Exhibition Road, Kowloon Bay

Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center, referred to as KITEC, formerly known as Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre (HITEC), referred to as Jiu Zhan, is an exhibition and conference venue in Hong Kong. No. 1 Exhibition Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, is an investment property of Hopewell Industries. There are exhibition offices and event venue rental facilities in the centre, which can be used for different types of business activities and banquets. There are also a variety of restaurants and other service equipment. With a total floor area of 1.76 million square feet (163,702 square meters), the center has a wide range of uses and serves office tenants and event planners.

Hatsune Miku's ticket purchase notice

Hatsune Miku Concert Hong Kong Station Traffic

Free shuttle bus

  • Free daily shuttle bus to and from MTR Kowloon Bay Station (service hours from 6:45 am to 12 am)

public transport

  • 101X, 215X, 219X, 224X, 98D, 296D (middle)


  • Back and forth E-Max and Mong Kok Sin Tat Plaza (Tong Choi Street)


  • 87 Yau Tong – Kai Yan Street, Kowloon Bay
  • 110 Tiu Keng Leng Station – Kowloon City (Circular)
  • 111 Baolin – San Po Kong

Hatsune Miku concert in mainland China to Hong Kong traffic


The MTR Corporation provides intercity passenger services to and from Hong Kong and the Mainland. The three direct train lines are the Beijing Line, the Shanghai Line and the Guangdong Line.

  • The Guangdong Express train runs from Dongguan to Dongguan (Changping), Guangzhou East, Foshan and Zhaoqing. At present, the through train between Hung Hom and Guangzhou East is open 12 times a day, the whole journey is about 1 hour and 40 minutes, of which 10 classes stop at Dongguan (Changping) Station. One class stops at Foshan and takes Zhaoqing as the final station. The whole journey takes about 4 hours.  2. The Beijing Line and Shanghai Line through trains are opened every other day. The through train from Hung Hom to Beijing West takes about 24 hours and takes about 20 hours to Shanghai .

 Entry from Luohu

The MTR Corporation provides intercity passenger services to and from Hong Kong and the Mainland. The three direct train lines are the Beijing Line, the Shanghai Line and the Guangdong Line.

  • In addition, from Shenzhen via Luohu Port, take the MTR East Rail Line to the stations along the MTR. The switch time is 6:30-24:00, and the peak time is 7:00-9:00 and 18:00-20:00. Passengers entering from Luohu walked through Luohu Bridge to Luohu Customs in Hong Kong. After crossing the border, they took the Jiulong Iron and Steel into the city.

Entry from Hung Hom Railway Station

The MTR Corporation provides intercity passenger services to and from Hong Kong and the Mainland. The three direct train lines are the Beijing Line, the Shanghai Line and the Guangdong Line.

  • The Hong Kong Main Railway Station (Hung Hom Railway Station) was originally located at Tsim Sha Tsui Pier. It was relocated to Hung Hom in 1975 and is located next to the Hong Kong Coliseum. This is the starting point of the Guangzhou-Kowloon Railway between Hong Kong and Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. Many Hong Kong people will travel to the mainland to take the train. It takes only 30 to 40 minutes to reach Guangzhou. After arriving in Honghong by direct train, you must pass the customs in the station before you can leave the city and leave by bus.

Payment methods

1. Suitable for purchase Hatsune MikuConcerts Hong Kong users

2. Suitable for purchase Hatsune MikuConcert Users in Mainland China

3. Suitable for purchase Hatsune MikuConcert Macau users

  • Offline remittance [Macau Bank of China]

    Hong Kong Hang Seng Bank [Inspirr Group Limited]

    • Transfer Bank: Macau Bank of China
    • Account name (representing company account, which is a security account): Wu Weihua Account number (HK$ account): 19-11-10-276594

4. Suitable for purchase Hatsune MikuConcerts Overseas and Global Users

Hatsune Miku Concert Hot News


Hatsune Miku concert hot news

On April 30, 2010, Hatsune Append was released, and six different sound quality (expressions) sound databases were added, namely sweet (children’s voice, sweetness), dark (comprehensible sound, deep), solid (enhanced pronunciation, stereo) , light (lively and refreshing, bright), vivid (smooth and clear), soft (high-pitched part weakened, soft). Hatsune Append requires the Hatsune Master Sound Library to work. On August 31, 2013, Hatsune V3 English (English database) was opened for download and was officially released on September 26, 2013 with Hatsune V3 . On September 26, 2013, Hatsune V3 was officially released. There are 6 different sound quality sound databases (including English), namely Original, sweet, dark, solid, soft, and English. The unpublished database of vivid and light is available for download to Hatsune V2, Hatsune Append or Hatsune V3 buyers after the Hatsune V3 is released. The Hatsune V4X, which further enhances the processing function, was released in 2015 and was released on August 31, 2016. Hatsune V3 and V4X support OS X (Vocaloid NEO)e.


Chūyīnwèilái chúle xīyǐn xīn yīdài hé cóng bù rènshì diànzǐ yīnyuè de rén jiēchù diànzǐ yīnyuè chuàngzuò, lìng gèng duō rén rènshì diànzǐ yīnyuè zhìzuò, yì lìng yuē 20 nián qián chuàngzuò rècháo shí de lǎoshǒu “huíguī”, lìng diànzǐ yīnyuè chuàngzuò zàidù juǎn qǐ rècháo, lìngwài yě cìjī dào yīnyuè chuàngzuò yǐwài de huìhuà, dònghuà chuàngzuò. Dàbǎn diànqì tōngxìn dàxué yì yǒu bǎ chūyīn wèilái shǐyòng wèi kètáng jiàocái, bìng yú 2008 nián bìng rù zhèngshì kèchéng zhōng. Suīrán chūyīn wèilái bìngfēi dì yīgè kěyǐ mófǎng rénlèi gēchàng de ruǎnjiàn, dàn xiàng zhēn dù bǐ yǐwǎng tónglèi ruǎn xiàng gāo, yīn’ér yǐnqǐ de rècháo dài lái yèyú yīnyuè zhìzuò de gémìng, cù zào rìběn de xiāofèi zhě zì zǔ méitǐ fāzhǎn, zhè cì rècháo hé 1990 niándài chū de diànzǐ yīnyuè zhìzuò rècháo xiāngsì, tóngyàng shì yǒu dàliàng de àihào zhě jízhōng yú yī gè dìfāng jiāoliú,1990 niándài chū shì wǎngshàng liúyán bǎn, chūyīn wèilái zé shì shìpín wǎngzhàn, jiànjiē cùjìn cǐ lèi wǎngzhàn de fǎ zhǎn,NICONICO dònghuà zài chūyīn wèilái fā shòuhòu yǐngpiàn tóugǎo sùdù bùduàn shàngshēng, ér zoome yīn hé Crypton hézuò de “téngtián xiào hé xiàtián máměi de TDKI(tóugǎo yǐngpiàn xiàngshàng wěiyuánhuì)(téngtián xiàoto xiàtián máměinoTDKI(tóugǎo dònghuà xiàngshàng wěiyuán huì))” ér jísù fāzhǎn, píngjūn yītiān 70 wàn de liánjiē bǐ zoome yùjì de gāo chū shù bèi [331]; bìng kěnéng yīn wǎngshàng shìpín fēnxiǎng wǎngzhàn de fǎ zhǎn lìng zhùzuòquán bǐ yǐqián kāifàng. Cǐ yì chùfāle rénmen duì yǔyīn héchéng de zhòngshì, zài yǐqián, yībān bù huì tīng dào yǒurén bàoyuàn réngōng héchéng de shēngyīn (rú diànhuà cháxún de zìdòng duìdá) tài jīxièhuà, chūyīn wèilái rècháo hòu, zé kāishǐ zhèngshì yǐnqǐ rúhé bǎ réngōng héchéng shēngyīn biàn dé zìrán de yánjiū [; ér dāng jìshù jìnbù hòu, yě kěyǐ bǎohù gèrén shēngyīn de zhè zhǒng wúxíng cáichǎn. Bǐ qǐng yī wèi rénlèi gēshǒu gēchàng, shǐyòng chūyīn wèilái jiào piányí, zhè duì yèyú zhìzuò rén fēicháng héshì, yì yǒu zhèngzhí de yīnyuè zhìzuò rén yǐ chūyīn wèilái zhìzuò gēqǔ yàng bǎn shìtīng, shènzhì rìběn dúlì xíngzhèng fǎrén chǎnyè jìshù zònghé yánjiū suǒ yě yǐ chūyīn wèilái lái shìyàn xīn jìshù VocaListener]. Suīrán chūyīn wèilái děng VOCALOID zhìpǐn hé zhēnzhèng de gēshǒu réng yǒu yīduàn jùlí, jǐnguǎn yǒu bùfèn zuòpǐn yǒu zhuānyè yīnyuè de sùzhì, yǐ cǐ zhìzuò yīnyuè de rénqún shuǐzhǔn dàduō chǔyú bùgòu zhuānyè de lǐngyù, dàn dāng jìshù jìnbù hòu pèihé gāo sùzhì de yèyú zhìzuò rén, kěyǐ chūxiàn shāngyè hé yèyú zhī jiān de jìngzhēng, shènzhì lìng zhēnzhèng de gēshǒu “shīyè”. Érqiě yīn wèi gēshǒu bùshì rénlèi, kěyǐ qīngyì chàng chū rénlèi bù kěnéng huò jí nán chàng chū de gēqǔ, zhè lèi gēqǔ jiào yǒu dàibiǎo xìng de wèi “chūyīn wèilái de xiāoshī”, qū zhōng bùfèn duànluò yī miǎo zhōng yǒu gāodá shí’èr gè yīnjié, jīhū méiyǒu huàn qì dì dìfāng; yīncǐ yǒu kāità xīn yīnyuè lèixíng de kěnéng xìng, zhídé tàntǎo
In the beginning of the Hatsune Miku, in addition to attracting new generations and people who never know electronic music, they will be exposed to electronic music creation, so that more people will know about electronic music production, and the veteran of the creative boom about 20 years ago will “return” and make electronic music creation roll up again. The craze also stimulates the creation of paintings and animations other than music creation. Osaka Electric and Telecommunications University also used the Hatsune Miku as a classroom material and was incorporated into the formal curriculum in 2008. Although Hatsune Miku is not the first software that can imitate human singing, but the truth is higher than the past, the resulting craze has brought about a revolution in amateur music production, and promoted the development of Japanese consumer media. The upsurge is similar to the electronic music production boom of the early 1990s. There are also a large number of enthusiasts who concentrate on one place. In the early 1990s, they were online message boards. The Hatsune Miku is a video website, which indirectly promotes the development of such websites. NICONICO Animation After the release of Hatsune Miku, the speed of submission of the film is increasing, and Zoome is cooperating with Crypton’s “T.Rapid development, an average of 700,000 connections a day is several times higher than Zoome’s expectations [331]; and may be due to the development of online video sharing sites that make copyright more open than before. This has also triggered people’s attention to speech synthesis. In the past, people generally did not hear people complaining that synthetic sounds (such as automatic answering of telephone inquiries) were too mechanized. After the Hatsune Miku boom, they began to formally make artificial synthetic sounds. It becomes a natural study [; and when the technology advances, it can also protect the intangible property of the individual voice.
It is more suitable for amateur producers than to sing a human singer. This is very suitable for amateur producers. There are also full-time music producers who will make a sample of the songs in the early sound of the first sound, and even the Japan Institute of Industrial Technology Hatsune Miku will test the new technology VocaListener]. Although there are still some distance between VOCALOID products and real singers in Hatsune Miku, although some works have the quality of professional music, the level of people making music is mostly in the field of not professional, but when the technology advances with high-quality amateur production People can compete between business and amateur, and even make real singers “unemployed.” And because the singer is not a human being, it is easy to sing songs that are impossible or extremely difficult for human beings to sing. These songs are more representative of “the disappearance of Hatsune Miku”, and some of the passages in the song have up to twelve syllables in one second. There is almost no place to ventilate; therefore, there is the possibility of opening up new types of music, which is worth exploring

Hot explosion of Hatsune Miku's works show songs

  • Animelo Summer Live 2009 -RE:BRIDGE-
  • HATSUNE MIKU LIVE PARTY in Singapore 2011
  • 未來日的感謝祭(ミクの日感謝祭 39's Giving Day)
  • MIKUPA (ミクパ♪)
  • Magical Mirai 魔法未來
  • Miku Symphony
  • 初音未來×鼓童特別演唱會
  • 未來有你·初音未來 Hatsune Miku with YOU

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