Hatsune miku has unparalleled idol power


A lot of people who don’t know will wonder:

Hatsune miku is a virtual idol. Why has she dominated for 11 years?

The most intuitive reason: hatsune miku has unparalleled idol power.

Anyone who has seen hatsune miku’s future concert will understand that the dimensional wall has disappeared.

(at hatsune concert)

Smile and wave like real people, but it has a beautiful posture beyond human beings.

They sing and dance as freely as real people, but they can easily achieve the high pitch and speed of speech that human beings cannot reach.

As she puts on a gorgeous costume and raises her arms through a holographic projection,

There was no vanity or flattery in her pretty little face,

Only unwavering earnest.

Every concert will create a gorgeous scene,

Between the lights and shadows, hatsune miku sometimes wears a classic sailor suit, sometimes wears a small crown, sometimes winks wittily, sometimes bows humbly, each looks extremely beautiful.

I still remember her interaction with the audience during the 2017 magic future concert: “who is the lead singer?”

Thousands of voices rang out at the same time: “hatsune Miku!”

In that moment, she was the dream itself.

Hatsune miku owes her strength to her deep sense of the future.

When we say “technology makes the future,” hatsune miku’s future is a perfect description.

She represents the best in sound synthesis, from the lovely soft girl sound to the solid hard rock sound,

Six timbals for all styles, music, music, music, music, music, music, music, music, music, music, music, music, music, music, music.

Can be cute but mature static combustible, feed you this is a foul ah!

While exploring the limitless possibilities of sound, hatsune’s futuristic look is also futuristic,

The typical girl with two ponytails today comes from the painter KEI, who paints with a transparency and lightness.

Headphone + electronic screen sleeve + square red headband,

Large under the dreamlike blue, details everywhere reflect the dynamic future of caution.