Did you grab the ticket for jay Chou’s concert


If there is a miracle in this era, jay must be one of the miracles. As a famous figure in the Chinese music industry, he deserves it. He has brought us countless classic music works. 2019 he will continue to speak out and bring us music feast.

However, jay’s concert tickets are hard to get, super popular with their own halo, want to see his idol’s fans are numerous, the concert pre-sale is less than a minute to sell out, jay’s concert tickets you grabbed it?

From the first “blue and white porcelain” and “rice fragrance” to the recent “confession balloon” and “waiting for your class”, each of his songs will set off a boom of music. No matter the catchy melody or touching lyrics, listening to jay’s songs is a great enjoyment of life.

I taste your beauty with a cup of coffee by the Seine river and the left bank. The beautiful melody lingers in my ears for a long time and cannot be scattered. Every time I listen to it, I can’t help humming, and then my mood will be better. So my first little goal for 2019 is to go to a jay Chou concert and spend time with my favorite!

The single loop in my mobile phone is always his song, no matter in the way of waiting for the bus or in the interval of going to work, as long as jay’s music plays, my whole body cell will follow the dance.

Jay Chou’s most powerful concert this year must go to make up for last year’s regret! 2019 to give yourself a good mood, start from listening to jay’s concert.