GOT7’s fourth mini-album


GOT7 left Chile for South Korea on the afternoon of the 18th. As part of the GOT72019 world tour, the tour of the 7 regions of South America and North America, which includes 4 cities in the United States, concluded with a successful performance in San Diego on Saturday.

GOT7 will release its fourth Japanese mini-album, LOVE LOOP, on July 31 and tour Our LOOP in four Japanese cities on July 30.

This is a “must be met, use red line connecting the fate of love” quiet, warm, strong sound of songs, with countless stars glow of MV universe represents “path” will meet love, under the background of the beauty of the stars show the dreamy visual effect, improving throughout the full MV does CG fans expectations.

GOT7 is also scheduled to play seven summer Tours in four Japanese cities starting from Tokyo on July 30. The tour, dubbed “Our Loop,” will begin July 30 solstice 31 in Tokyo intermission, August 3 solstice 4 in kobe world memorial hall, August 6 in Nagoya international convention hall century hall, and August 17 solstice 18 in fukuoka st. Paul hotel & lobby.

Finally, GOT7 concert, in Hong Kong red pavilion, friends who travel to Hong Kong in the summer, can go to see the concert, and maybe can take a photo with GOT7 members, yes, wang jiar is also a GOT7 member, you can meet him

Hong Kong concert, let’s wait!