GOT7 went on tour in Japan


GOT7 is a boy band introduced by JYP Entertainment in South Korea in 2014, with seven members including Lin jae (JB), JinYoung (JinYoung), duan yi-en (Mark), wang jiar (Jackson), YoungJae (YoungJae), BamBam, and YuGyeom (YuGyeom).

Official debut on January 16, 2014, is a JYP entertainment entertainment to launch the first “combination, good at performance”, “wu Tricking”; GOT7’s debut mini-album Got it? Was released on January 20. ; GOT7 released its first Japanese single “AROUND THE WORLD” in Japan on October 22. On November 18, GOT7 released its debut album Identify. On January 14 and 22, 2015, GOT7 won the 19th Korean gold album electronic music source new artist award and the most caring award of the year, and the 24th Seoul song award for new artist. On April 29, 2016 solstice, GOT7 launched its first world tour “FLY” on August 21. GOT7’s second album, FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE, was released on 27 September.

GOT7 left for Tokyo via kimpo international airport on the afternoon of the 29th for OUR LOOP concert tour in Japan. In the public news photo, GOT7 appeared wearing a mask and when the reporter said he couldn’t take a picture of his eyes, park zhenrong helped duan yien tidying up his hat.

GOT7 will release its fourth mini-album “LOVE LOOP” in Japan on July 31, and will perform in Tokyo on July 30-31, kobe on August 3-4, Nagoya on August 6, and fukuoka on August 17-18.