GOT7 Wang Jiaer star introduction


Wang Jiaer (잭슨, Jackson Wang) was born in Hong Kong on March 28, 1994. He is a pop singer and host in Hong Kong, China, and a member of the men’s singing group GOT7.

This year is the fifth year of Wang Jiaer’s debut. For him, fans are a very meaningful year. Eight years ago, because of his love of the stage, Wang Jiaer gave up his identity as a fencer, left his parents and family, and came to Korea from Hong Kong. He began to prepare as a trainee and experienced two and a half years of contact. After his career, he finally debuted as a member of the Korean group GOT7 in 2014.

On January 16, 2014, he debuted as a member of the men’s singing group GOT7. In the same year, he won the Men’s Newcomer Award in the SBS Performing Arts Awards Variety Department. In 2015, he partnered with He Wei to host the Tencent video star food talk show “Please Come to the Refrigerator”. In 2016, he partnered with He Wei to host Hunan Satellite TV’s celebrity gourmet art variety show “Dry Fresh Drops Sunday”; in the same year, he won the Tencent Video Starlight Awards Annual Variety Star Award. In June 2017, he announced the establishment of a personal studio in China, which is responsible for the Greater China region. In the same year, he was the guest of the Asian Golden Melody Awards and won the MTV special award. Since then, he has released the personal electric hip hop single “Generation 2“. , “Papillon”, “OKAY”, “DAWN OF US”.

On January 27, 2018, he won the most popular newcomer award of the annual pop music festival; participated in the iQI variety show “Idol Trainee”; in March, participated in the iQiyi variety show “Hot Blood Street Dance Group”; in August, National Youth Choice Awards for the Star of the Day Award. On March 16, 2019, he was selected as the 9th most handsome 100 faces in the Asia Pacific region of LikeTCCAsia.