GOT7 is very popular


In the 2015 Korean drama “The Producer“, there is such a scene: a daughter of PD shouted to Dad “I want the signature photo of GOT7 brothers!” At that time, GOT7 only had a debut for less than a year, and it has a lot of popularity. Although they are from JYP big companies, everyone should know that not all the big companies have a very high popularity, such as SM’s NCT, or GOT7’s younger brothers. After three years, GOT7 has grown into a top men’s team in Korea, and every time it returns, it is the “fog” of most combinations!

In GOT7, there is such a member. Although he is in the Korean first-line men’s team, his personal popularity is much higher than that of the group. Most people rate him as: “When you look at GOT7, you can see him at a glance, too prominent. “”. Who is this member? Is it because the value of the face is too high, the figure is too good, the dance and singing are prominent, or is the face often with a smile so prominent? Yes, he is Wang Jiaer, a “light boy” who can see at a glance.

In China, when you mention Wang Jiaer, you should think of a “Papillon” that was stunned in the rap program in the summer of 2017. You will think of the “soul interaction” with Teacher He in the hit variety, and that anytime, anywhere. The stalk that can come out will remind you of the amazing dance strength in the two major drafts in the country. I will think of the stubborn boy who insisted on going to the stage with burning and burning… and Wang Jiaer, the 24-year-old Boys have more flash points than these.

Those who are not familiar with Wang Jiaer should have heard that the area that Wang Jiaer used to be good at is sports. But this may be due to talent, who made him born in a sports family! His father is a famous Hong Kong fencing instructor. Wang Jiaer grew up in the sports environment from an early age and naturally likes the fencing sport! At a young age, he participated in the National Games and won the gold medal at the age of 12! After that, he participated in various competitions, exercised his physique and strength, and earned glory for himself.