Got7 Hong Kong 2019 concert blow up


Got7 is finally here. Got7’s Hong Kong 2019 concert is set to hit Hong Kong on August 31. Seven teenagers are ready for a romantic music concert with you.

Got7 Hong Kong concert time: 2019-08-31 to 09-01 Saturday/Sunday 19:00

Got7 Hong Kong concert venue: asiaworld-expo

Seven members of 2019 GOT7, Lin jae fan, park jen-rong, duan yi-en, wang jia-er, cui yong-jae, Kim you-chee, BamBam, are officially releasing GOT7’s new album SPINNING TOP:BETWEEN SECURITY & INSECURITY, opening the 2019 “Keep SPINNING” world tour with Korea JYP entertainment.

Got7’s diverse cultural backgrounds from China, South Korea, the United States and Thailand have given it a diverse singing style, unique stage presence and a huge global fan base. As a as the first hip-hop group of JYP entertainment, GOT7 performance in “wu Tricking” (also known as “MAT”). Wu Tricking is set in the contain factors of wushu movements with rich technology, will kick and spins with dance B – boy clever union, form a distinctive style of acting. We will all witness it during the concert.