GOT7 concert


Good news! GOT7 2019 “Keep Spinning” world tour is expected to debut in Hong Kong, China in late August and early September!!! Don’t feel happy, 2019GOT7 concert in Hong Kong, come and feel the boiling youth and beating mood with GOT7

GOT7 is a popular seven-man group introduced by JYP entertainment in South Korea in 2014. The seven members include Lin jae (JB), park JinYoung (JB), duan yien (Mark), wang jiar (Jackson), cui rongjae (YoungJae), BamBam, and jin youom (YuGyeom). Lin JB serves as the team leader. They come from South Korea, China, Thailand and the United States. The group’s biggest feature is that all the members are good at martial arts; Excellent martial arts background allows them to display their unique cool dance skills on the stage.

Their diverse backgrounds give them unique enthusiasm and charm, as well as a large number of fans worldwide. As the first hip-hop group of JYP entertainment, GOT7 performance in “wu tricking” (also known as “MAT”). And MAT is a gorgeous technique with martial arts elements as the background, which cleverly combines kicking and spinning movements with b-boy dances to form a unique performance style.

GOT7’s stage performance is full of tension and always surprises fans. It is their enthusiasm and persistence for music that make them bloom their unique music charm and show their distinctive music talent, which quickly swept the Korean music industry. Every time the works will let people see their efforts and progress. With their great kindness, humor, and good looks, GOT7 is often referred to by fans as “my boyfriend”, and we can tell by their sincere eyes that they are full of love and enthusiasm.

This super popular boy band will meet you in Hong Kong, come here to enjoy their charm, 2019GOT7 concert in Hong Kong, see you then!