GOT7’s biggest tour ever


The GOT7 concert in Hong Kong will be the largest and highest scale tour to date. The GOT7 concert will be a breakthrough on the stage, with a variety of shapes, cool stage design and stunning visual integration of various highlights. GOT7 enriched music taste and broadened the audience’s artistic vision with its diversified music style, winning numerous people’s love. Go all out every time you show up, sing every time all the tears are on their way. 2019GOT7 Hong Kong concert, a high level performance, will surely infect everyone present.

GOT7 consists of seven members from South Korea, the United States, Thailand and Hong Kong. Excellent martial arts background allows them to display their unique cool dance skills on the stage. GOT7 is often referred to by its fans as “my boyfriend” due to its extremely friendly, humorous and outgoing personality. It can be seen from the sincere eyes of its members that they are full of love and enthusiasm.

New album GOT7

ECLIPSE” is a song written by JYP governor park chun-ying himself under the name DEFSOUL, and written and composed by JB. Light and dark contrast to show confidence, quiet and peaceful situation suddenly began to shake the “dark” moment, the song in the future bass style to show emotional depth. The album includes a total of seven songs, as well as an INST. GOT7’s members have written and composed songs on previous albums, showing their music accomplishments. This time, they are also involved in the composition and composition of the entire album, which is full of their music colors.

GOT7 has a unique style

GOT7’s diverse membership gives them a unique level of enthusiasm and charisma, as well as a huge following worldwide. As the first hip-hop group of JYP entertainment, GOT7 performance in “wu Tricking” (also known as “MAT”). Wu Tricking is set in the contain factors of wushu movements with rich technology, will kick and spins with dance B – boy clever union, forming a unique performance style.