GOT7 launches second world tour


Summer vacation is coming, let’s go to a concert. South Korean men just idol group GOT7 to a concert in Hong Kong, Wang Jiaer is GOT7 members oh, GOT7 is established by man came from seven different countries sing dance combination, seven members include Lin in the van (JB), PiaoZhenRong (JinYoung), period of appropriate (Mark), Wang Jiaer (Jackson), Cui Rongzai (YoungJae), BamBam, gold has a modest (YuGyeom).

Speaking of South Korea, I have to admire people’s star-making ability. Many popular groups started their careers in South Korea, such as Oriental magic, EXO, and last year’s popular creation 101 program, wu xuanyi.

I believe GOT7’s business ability is as good as theirs. GOT7 released its first mini-album Got it? , THE album name and GOT7 name echo, GOT7 debut Japanese single “AROUND THE WORLD,” official debut in Japan, not long after, GOT7 and released THE album “Identify” formally, included in THE title track “Stop Stop It”, included song “Gimme”, “is this evening”, “moonlight“, “She ‘s a monster” style variety of songs, such as individuality of music shows GOT7, caught THE line of sight of fans.

I wonder if this Hong Kong concert will sing the songs in this album. Look forward to that.

Let’s talk about GOT7’s music achievement. GOT7 won the 24th Seoul song award in 2015 because of its excellent music works, which proves GOT7’s excellent business ability.

GOT7 played a “FLY” concert in 2016. Three years later, GOT7’s August 2019 concert at the Hong Kong red house was a boon to Asian fans.

Let’s play GOT7 this summer