Going to Hong Kong to watch Zhang Yixing concert


Zhang Yixing (Lay) opened his first personal tour in the name of “Great Navigation”. He is a singer and a music producer, and is currently a hot and versatile musician.

“Great Navigation” is a high-quality music event not to be missed in the summer of 2019. It will take Shanghai as the first stop to depart for Hong Kong. The second stop will stop at the mysterious island “Crystal”-Chongqing Station, and then transfer to the fantasy “Slim” island. Nanjing Station, finally arrived at the wonderful “imagination world” – Beijing Railway Station. Turning around the four major cities, just looking for “unknown treasures.” Under Captain Lay’s leadership, he will unlock the nautical theme and experience the journey of “big voyage” to find his dream.

With strength as a boat, he strives for a sail and looks for a treasure named “Dream”.

As a creative singer, Zhang Yixing has released three solo albums, “LOSE CONTROL”, “SHEEP“, and “Dream Rainforest/NAMANANA”. At the same time, he is also a music producer, and he personally made the whole process and set off M. -POP (Mix-Mandarin-Pop) boom.

His album was called by his three children. Among them, “Third Child” “Dream Rainforest/NAMANANA” was launched online in October last year. Zhang Yixing became the first Chinese to board the top ten overseas iTunes album. The singer, its strength can be seen.

In the face of the first tour, Zhang Yixing, who is working hard and working hard, will subvert himself. In addition to re-arranging the classic tracks of the existing albums with the theme of the tour, as a singer, he has to take care of the complicated dance movements, which is a great challenge to the mind and body. And his journey for music adventures is not afraid of danger, this time, his efforts will respond to everyone’s expectations!

Strong partners on the adventure route, good team

At that time, the top dance team will create an immersive stage experience, and the main stage design is inspired by the cabin deck to create the theme decoration. The stage lighting is also romantic with the music, sometimes thrilling, sometimes beautiful, starry sea, radiant, bringing cool audio-visual enjoyment!

Zhang Yixing said, “I hope that my music will break the constraints of distance.” Go to the scene to become a sailor and witness the growth of Captain LAY. We are in the same boat with him on this journey!