Goddess Hatsune Miku Concert in Hong Kong


With the development of the times, the progress of the stars seems to have begun to become somewhat abstract. After countless teenagers can’t find the goddess in real life, they turn their eyes to some virtual objects, and among them, there is such a virtual goddess of Hatsune Miku.

Hatsune Miku. Presumably such a name is no stranger to every young person after 90 or after zero. Whether we were young or young, we are still growing up, and we can’t forget a young lady who used to have two green onions to get through the country. The shape of Hatsune Miku is undoubtedly very beautiful. The long double ponytail shawl, coupled with the bright-eyed costumes, and the shape of the body into a near-perfect posture, has become a lot of otaku men, oh no, it should be said that the idols of countless young people.

In the future, the virtual idol of Hatsune Miku is different from the characters in other animes. It relies on the story of acting to carry forward the story, but relying on one hand to make countless fans convinced. It is for this reason that such a Hatsune Miku will open a concert for himself. And the tickets for that concert were sold out all the time! Since then, almost every year, the Hatsune Miku concert seems to be more popular than the real star concert.

The concert was very good, and the Hatsune under the holographic image did not seem to have lost half of the charm. She is dancing on the court, always with the hearts of countless teenagers. It looks so cute, the dance steps are cool, and it’s never going to be outdated, it won’t get old or even after there is no gossip and human settings. Such a Hatsune Miku is the goddess of everyone’s heart.

And such a virtual goddess that has been so popular for so long, and finally in the second half of 2018, will soon start her concert in China.