Go to Hong Kong to see the GOT7 concert.


Got7 is finally here, Got7 Hong Kong 2019 concert will burst on August 31, seven teenagers are ready to go, will be with you to a romantic event about music, below, and Xiaobian walk Asian popular group Got7, let’s get to know them.

Seven members of 2019Got7 Lin Zai Fan, Pu Zhenrong, Duan Yien, Wang Jiaer, Cui Rongzai, Jin Youqian, BamBam once again brought the Korean JYP Entertainment official open GOT7 new album “SPINNING TOP: BETWEEN SECURITY & INSECURITY” to the “Keep Spinning” world of 2019 The tour concert kicked off.

The diverse cultural background of members from China, South Korea, the United States, and Thailand has given Got7 a diverse and diverse style of singing, and a unique stage of glamour, which has also brought them a huge fan base worldwide. As the first hip-hop group as JYP, GOT7 is good at performing “Martial Arts Tricking” (aka “MAT”). Martial Arts Tricking is a gorgeous technique based on the movements of martial arts elements. It combines kicking and rotating action with B-boy’s dance to create a distinctive performance style. We will all witness one by one in the concert.

It is reported that the Hong Kong station Got7 has prepared “FLY”, “PARADISE”, “IF YOU DO”, “NEVER EVER” and other hot songs. In addition, Got7 often communicates with fans with its wrist and “NESTIVAL TALK”. Interaction, is it that you can’t hold your heart’s excitement? Two consecutive days of falling into Hong Kong, don’t miss your body.