A generation of song god jay Chou


Jay Chou has a new song, netizens expressed their support, is worthy of a generation of song god.

Jay Chou is a popular singer in the entertainment circle, not only ordinary netizens, but also many stars are jay Chou’s fans, which can be said to be very influential. And as one of the few stars in the entertainment industry who doesn’t have a micro blog, his fans haven’t dropped at all.

Many of his songs are popular, also received a lot of people love to love, such as “blue and white porcelain“, “nunchuk“, “chrysanthemum Taiwan” and so on songs, now is still a lot of favorite songs downloaded every year is still the top of your list and jay Chou’s fans are generally accompany him the fan of growth.

Now many of his fans have entered the workforce, and some have graduated from college. But the constant is their love for jay Chou. From the beginning, when there were only CDS and tapes of songs, from waiting in line to buy tickets to giving publicity to idols in the street, this kind of star-chasing experience also made many jay fans love more feelings.

This is now a lot of traffic star fans can not understand. So jay Chou is a god of that time. A cult god. His talent is the envy of many.

When he became famous, there were many setbacks. This little – eyed boy has a chance to clock his songs. By many people know, once a week wrote hundreds of songs, get the opportunity to release songs. No one imagined that this homely boy could have such great potential.

At that time, several of his songs were loved by people as soon as they hit the shelves, but his income still did not reach the ideal state. For his own career as a singer, jay worked hard and even put all his eggs in one basket. Growing up in a single-parent family, jay gave himself the last chance to work hard for his dream.