Game 4 of the Great Voyage Tour


Zhang Yixing’s Beijing concert was sung at the Cadillac Center at 19pm on August 3. As the fourth game of the large-scale voyage concert, in addition to the colorful audio-visual feast, Zhang Yixing also felt a lot of emotions. He shared the dream city with the fans in the audience, chatting about the pain of youth, cherishing the guardianship and companionship around him. . At the end of the concert, Zhang Yixing took the camera and took photos with the fans. The “ZYX MY Love Forever” star was shining in the purple sea, and the concert ushered in the end of the cheers.

As the final field of the mainland field, Beijing Field continued the high energy state of the previous three games, sang 19 songs in succession, and personally served as the producer, dance design, composition adaptation and choreography of the entire concert, for their first concert. Yes, Zhang Yixing can be said to be well-intentioned, and some netizens leave a message saying, “Zhang Yixing is really a city.”

At the concert scene, a set of cool costumes are exceptionally “shining”, the red sequined suit is warm and wild, the white one-piece tooling has avant-garde personality, and the velvet shirt of the suit has a different charm…except for the colorful The shape stunned the eye, the super-strong rhythm music accompanied by the full-fledged dance, and the title of Zhang Yixing’s “stepping on the madness”. Gorgeous dance, dynamic music, and pet-friendly interactions all complement the bursting of the purple sea, creating a great maritime era belonging to Zhang Yixing.

At the concert, Zhang Yixing also revealed a secret new cooperation with his friend Li Ronghao, and said that the new works will be seen in the winter, and the new works will be presented in a lyrical form, which is worth looking forward to. During the concert, Zhang Yixing also talked about his feelings about the past. He felt his feelings in the past ten years. He also expressed the feeling that “Time has carved us from a child into a better adult.” He also said, “Even if I don’t have it. When the golden key is born, I can also work hard to fight my own world. If I can, you can.”