The first singer of Japanese seiyuu


The first singer of the Japanese seiyuu community, Shuishu Nana, sang a good job and worked hard to talk about her own growth as a seiyuu. She believes that she is constantly challenging new things and discovering her own possibilities.

Recently, Mizuki Nana’s 2018 tour overseas and her performance of King Records 2018 Live were held in Shanghai for two consecutive days. On the day before the concert, Mizuki Nana accepted an exclusive interview with Sina Entertainment. Most of the netizens who are familiar with animation works know that Shuishu Nana has made many wonderful character experiences for anime fans since she debuted in 1997. The role of “Naruto” to the young field and “Magic Girl Lyrical Nanoha” Fett is unforgettable.

For many years, Mizuki Nana has long been a legendary figure in the seiyuu world, and is good at singing and dancing. Especially as Queen Anisong of Japan, Nana expressed her passion for Anisong. She believes that every new work is full of freshness and excitement. She is an unyielding person, and adventurous songs can arouse her challenge.

As a seiyuu, Mizuki Nana‘s vocal performance is also very good, and she has honed her strength as a seiyuu and singer for a long time. And in addition to seiyuu, singer, she also challenged the musical. Referring to the process of preparing her own musical, she said that she had completely different experience from her previous seiyuu and singer experience, but she cherished this experience and it was a very good experience for her. This desperate goddess has been constantly challenging new things. Mizuki Nana also revealed that she will hold a concert of symphony orchestras next year, constantly challenging her possibilities on the music road.

For this performance in Shanghai, Nana said that she would fully show her every aspect in her personal concert and the spark of the other singers in the cooperation stage. In order to maintain the singing power on the stage, she has always insisted on doing sit-ups, and this is the secret of her vitality. This time I came to Shanghai. Although the time schedule of Mizuki Nana is very tight, she said that she really wants to eat Chinese food – spring rolls and Xiao Long Bao, and would like to go to other cities like Guangzhou.