Ticket Q&A

  • How to pay? Hong Kong and overseas geographic payment methods?

    Most locations can use the Paypal secure payment channel for payment. Even if you are not a Paypal registered customer, you can use their channel credit card payment method. Customers can choose bank transfer methods. The following are the best payment methods for each domain.

    • Hong Kong, Taiwan or Europe and the United States can use the Vispa / Master credit card to pay via Paypal payment channel
    • Hong Kong customers can use offline payment to provide payment bank is Hang Seng bank account
    • Macau customers can use offline payments to provide Bank of China Macau. Payment account is a personal account, but it is safe
    • Mainland China customers can use offline payments to provide ICBC. Payment account is a personal account, but it is safe
  • Is the seat a seat?

    allOn the same billTickets purchased within the ticket are all consecutive.

  • Is there a list of seating rows?

    • All Tickets in Ticketbuynow have listed area and number of rows
    • Some of the tickets are reserved tickets and are displayed as 'Reserved'. 'Ticketbuynow' tickets for 'Reserved' are all earlier in the area
  • How to choose a region?

    • All tickets are divided according to the area shown on the seat map.Seat map area is the same as the official seat map,Ticketbuynow divides the area into more visible colors in order to allow the customer to see the chart more clearly.
    • Different regional colors represent different kinds of ticket prices. Customers can choose tickets according to their needs.
  • Is the ticket a present ticket?

    • All tickets are current tickets.apart fromThe date of the official agency's ticket is different, otherwise all are current tickets.
  • Ticketbuynow tickets are updated daily?

    • Ticketbuynow's tickets are updated daily. Customers are welcome on Ticketbuynow daily to check on the latest tickets and locations.
    • All ticket locations and line counts are unique, and there will be no repeat tickets in the same location after the tickets are sold. Advise customers to buy tickets immediately after seeing the center water ticket, so as to ensure that the water level
  • What time does Ticketbuynow update tickets?

    every morning11:00am

Pre-sale tips

  • What is the pre-sale ticket process?

    1. Customers need to submit the pre-sale concert tickets you want to purchase on the platform
    2. After purchasing pre-sale tickets, customers will receive an email or Whatsapp/Line/Wechat confirmation message
    3. Concert sales will be confirmed within two days after the concert sale
    4. Tickets will be sent within two weeks to one month before the opening. Customers must ensure receipt of tickets before opening
    5. If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone/Whatsapp/Line/WeChat and email 24 hours a day.
  • Why do you want to pre-sell?

    Pre-sales will ensure that you will surely be able to purchase concert tickets and will be exempt from the ticket price increase after the public sale of the concert.

  • What is the seating arrangement for pre-sale tickets?

    Pre-sale tickets are sold in a ticket-in-vote style. According to the time of remittance, the customer is requested to purchase the ticket as soon as possible. It is true that the seat location will be sent to the communique before the ticket is sent, or the customer can call to check the seat location. Ticketbuynow can guarantee the best position, and customers need not worry.

  • Is the pre-sale ticket a bonus?

    allOn the same billTickets purchased within the ticket are all consecutive.

Send Ticket Question and Answer

  • How to collect tickets after ticket purchase?

    After the ticket is purchased, the customer will receive an email / Whatsapp confirmation message and have confirmed the purchase after receiving the message. The ticket will list your ticket contents including the ticket name, price type, number of lines, area, etc., and will receive a postal address confirmation to ensure that the customer fills in the correct address and avoid sending a lost message.
    We will send the delivery code to client through email when tickets is dispatched

  • No one in the family can collect tickets. Can they all pick up tickets directly?

    All tickets will be sent by SF Express. If customers want to pick up at SF Express, please remark at the time of ticket purchase or follow customer service notes in Whatsapp/Line/WeChat/Email messages after the ticket purchase. All SF Express delivery pick-ups must present the delivery number and contact pick-up. If the contact person fails to pick up in person, the entrusted pick-up must have the SF staff copy the ID card when picking up to ensure the anonymous person picks up the piece. . If the customer needs to take care of the pickup, please contact Ticketbuynow customer service.

  • If you pick yourself up, where do you pick up the tickets?


    If the customer fails to collect at home, they can pick up the goods at the Shunfeng branch.
    The following is the address of SF Branch:


Select seat tip

  • Is the seating area the same as the official one?

    The location and the area are the same as the official seat map, but Ticketbuynow will display the ticket area with a more obvious area color to make the customer see more clearly. Different colors represent different price regions, all of which are determined by price type. The closer to the station, the higher the price type.

  • What is Reserved ticket?

    Reserved tickets mean that tickets have been reserved in advance. Early reservations are more expensive and reserved tickets, and most of the Reserved tickets are not at a discount!

Safe ticket protection

  • Why is the ticket pass safe?

    1. All seller's tickets are reviewed by Ticketbuynow's Commissioner and they are guaranteed not to be fake tickets.
    2. Ticketbuynow has communicated with the seller. If the seller fails to provide tickets, Ticketbuynow will help the client find a better location.
    3. customerThe household does not need to worry about being deceived by dishonest sellers because Ticketbuynow has helped the client to over-consider all unsafe sellers to ensure safe transactions.
    4. The ticketbuynow commissioner will assist in interpreting the location with the customer. All tickets will be mailed with an express number to assist in follow-up ticket delivery. Tickets opened for sale within five days are also specially handed over to ensure that customers receive tickets before the opening! Customers' peace of mind is the greatest encouragement to the Ticketbuynow team!
  • Credit Pass Securities Guarantee Ticketing?

    Ticketbuynow has set up all honesty agreements from different merchants and directly with honest sellers to ensure that customers receive tickets! !

  • Why Ticketbuynow?

    As long as there are customers who have chosen Ticketbuynow, they will definitely understand this question!

    • Peace of mind ticket buying service, not afraid of fake tickets
    • 24-hour instant customer service, to ensure that there are any problems, customer service will be kind to help solve
    • Tickets have not yet been received? Customer service will assist in immediate follow-up
    • Tickets will be sent by SF Express, and the shipping specialist will contact the customer directly. From ticket purchase to ticket collection, Ticketbuynow Commissioner can answer any doubts for you anywhere, anytime
    • Ticketbuynow works with major websites and partners! Make sure the ticket is sold better and the location is the most generous!

Ticket price guidelines

  • Why do tickets have different prices?

    All the tickets in the station are the price that the seller puts up for sale. Different sellers or locations have different bids for the ticket. The customer can choose to purchase tickets according to their own needs and the ability to bear the price. Ticket prices vary by the number of seats/regions/rows. Most places near the table or seats with high visibility will bid a little higher, while prices far away from Taiwan will be a bit lower.

  • What kind of ticket prices will be more expensive?

    Ticket prices vary by the number of seats/regions/rows. Most places near the table or seats with high visibility will bid a little higher, while prices far away from Taiwan will be a bit lower.

  • Why is the price floating?

    The ticket price will fluctuate according to the seller’s bid and market supply and demand. The closer the ticket price is, the higher the opening price will be. Customers are advised to purchase tickets as soon as possible to ensure that the most valuable price is captured

  • Each time Ticketbuynow tickets are different?

    All tickets are unique. After the ticket is sold, there will be no repeat tickets in the same location. Advise customers to buy tickets immediately after seeing the center water ticket, so as to ensure that the water level

  • When does it come to choose the heart rate?

    Ticketbuynow will have new tickets on the line, customers can check up regularly to see the heart!