Excellent Joey Yung is going to have a concert


Joey Yung, who has been a singer for 19 years, has been active in the highest point of Hong Kong music for a long time. It has been six years since the last Mandarin album. She has presented many Hits and won numerous awards. “I miss him” is the first time I fill a person in my heart; “A Love Song of a Man” is unpredictable for ignorance; “The Single Picture” is the overwhelming love of Qinglan Love; “Love Revival” is exploration The unknown journey of love; “On your left and right” is the purest and relaxed way of love; “very busy” is the most self-solving of jumping out of the comfort circle; “Flower in the fog” is the wonderful land I want to take you, Standing under the flower tree, I love you; “The 100th I” is standing at the crossroads and I don’t know where to go.

When you unload your body and look at the time with the most current mood, the answer book is the best back to yourself, the most simple feeling of memories. It is a feedback that does not leave any spare energy. It is a reflection of washing away the lead. It is the most comfortable and safe zone in the next stage. It is a firm and calm way to go on the road again.

The drums accompanied the opening voice and the female voice, the whole opening was brought to the world of Jin Yong and Gu Long in Xian Xia theme, and the first sentence of the superstar concert chased the party and instantly pulled the listener back to the modern red dragonfly. concert. Chasing three days and three nights Lonely but unable to metabolize, Run Runway, Run’s overlapping words are like a finishing touch, so that the whole song has aura. Like a stone statue that came alive, glaring at the side of the music. And since the good is born, it will be the leader of the world, and the show that you are very eye-catching is unique. Living in a world where people are foolish, they can stay awake in the past twenty years, and calmly look around is considered excellent. The opening song of Wang Yanwei from “Unable to Love” is full of momentum, and the whole album is the first great relay.