How to evaluate joey yung’s singing ability


I still remember someone said of joey yung: “zu yung sang like a queen and chatted like a classmate in the last row of the class.” This impression, I think I saw joey yung in the show I am a singer, should be able to understand, lovely and lovely, funny, singing but also domineer side out of stage fright.

When the singer’s final release asked the singers what they wanted to do first after the competition. The answers were: take a vacation, get some sleep, spend time with your family, spend time with your kids. Joey yung said, I want to go to KTV, to a person to sing, I did not sing.

Is such a lovely and casual girl, who seems never to lose the vitality and innocence, but also has a little girl’s paranoia and persistence. Maybe that’s why we like her.

Probably many people mention yung zu ‘er, will think of her “heart Dan”, “the girl with wings”, “accustomed to lovelorn”, “no delay” and so on. However, there was an unexpected song, but it was the first song that touched me. It was also because of this song that I liked joey yung, a stubborn but strong girl.

Because of this character, a relationship is always difficult to complete, because no one can stand such a step by step of their own, and in fact, I also have a very hard, all the damage is not from the outside world, more often is their own to their own. As said above joey yung singing “collateral damage“, “don’t say I’m cute, is indirect harm, share your love, you don’t understand my sorrow”, then experienced some times just understand, why go to share their cherished love, if not, then don’t good ah, lower yourself, will only make yourself more humble. Why do you feel collateral damage, it is because you are willing to be hurt by others.