The early years of Mizuki Nana


Mizuki Nana was influenced by the parents of her own karaoke classroom since she was a child. She was a singer-songwriter. She began to train her father at the age of five and learned to sing songs every day until she graduated from junior high school.

Since 1985, Mizuki Nana has participated in a singing competition held in the community. Since then, Shuishu in elementary and junior high school has participated in various singing competitions in the Shikoku region and won awards. In 1993, the single “つがざくら” was recorded under the name “Kondo Nana”. In June 1994, he won the “National Competition for the 10th Anniversary of the Seto Karaoke Song Contest” and was awarded one of the judges. She was invited to develop in Tokyo after graduating from junior high school.

After graduating from junior high school, I went to Tokyo to enter the high school in the high school and chose a comprehensive art activity course that allowed a lower attendance rate.

In the first year of high school, the firm proposed to Shuishu Nana to perform voice-over work. So, in the second year of high school, Mizuki Nana began to enroll in the seiyuu section of Yoyogi Animation Academy, where she received training from voice actors. . After graduating from high school, I worked as a part-time job with an hourly salary of 850 yen at the beauty salon of Kichijoji.

In March 1997, I graduated from the Yoyogi Animation Academy, and was awarded the “Yu Yue” as one of the 10 graduates with excellent academic performance and good character, and became the reward after graduation from the art school. The second person.

During the period, the office of Mizuki Nana went bankrupt. Due to the restrictions on the qualifications of the firm, the water tree faced the crisis of dropping out of school. Soon after, her singing tutor established the “Guangguang Music” office. The tree was able to join the firm and lift the crisis of dropping out of school.

In March 1998, he officially began his acting career after graduating from a higher school.



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水樹奈奈巡迴演唱會 2019 香港站

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水樹奈奈巡迴演唱會 2019 香港站

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