Diligent and entertainer Liu Dehua


Liu Dehua was born in 1961. It is already 58 years old this year. At the age of retirement, Andy Lau has been active in the entertainment circle. People are old and still have a young mind. In terms of it, Andy Lau is the hardest singer among the four great kings. Alan Tam once said that Andy Lau is not born with a good voice. He relies on his constant efforts and constant struggle. In the music world, Andy Lau is a diligent artist.

Liu Dehua was born in the grassroots, including many artists in Hong Kong that year. The so-called heroes did not ask for their origins. It was the general meeting of gold. And Andy Lau did not have a prominent background. Before the debut, it was only an ordinary citizen of Hong Kong. It is not easy to achieve today’s results. . Any singer wants to have a place in the music scene, don’t rely on one or two songs, but constantly strive to improve their professional skills. Many people say that Andy Lau sings in general, acting in general, and qualifications are average, but Andy Lau Cherish every opportunity to improve your performance level.

“Ice Rain” It is a song that my good friends like to sing and has performed in the whole year. He is a very tall fat man with a good sense of humor. Just like many friends, after graduating, the relationship has gradually decreased, and the relationship has slowly changed. I haven’t contacted it for a long time, and I don’t know his current situation.

Andy Lau’s “The Days I Walk Together“: “How to face, the days I have walked together, now I am left alone, how to tell you one by one, never know me, the only thing you give me a good day, There are those of you who have love and have a life and death.” Andy Lau was singing in the streets and alleys at that time. At that time, karaoke was popular everywhere, so the karaoke hall sang this song.