Denise Ho no longer talks about Joey Yung

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After Ho Yun-shi disclosed her homosexual identity, it was questioned whether she was bisexual with Yong Zu-er, who was dating Liu Haolong, because she had an affair with Yong Zu-er. He Yun-shi expressed “hard to answer” when asked about it. It is pointed out that this sentence is quite troublesome for Rong Zuer, whose manager, Howenshi, even points out that his grandson is so emotionally broken that he is unwilling to see others. He Yunshi also sends a message that he should stop talking about Rong Zuer. In this regard, He Yunshi said in an interview the day before yesterday that for several days it was her personal position. Since the company of the other side opened her mouth, she would not mention the name of Yung Zuer in the future. When interviewed, she admitted that she had developed the first homosexuality with people in her circle, but she was under a lot of pressure and finally broke up. She said she wanted to find an open lifelong partner and marry her partner in Canada, where gay marriage was allowed. If she had the ability to adopt a child, she said, “I hope to be blessed.”
Don’t believe Joey Yung’s emotional collapse.
He Yunshi’s release of the single “Faceless Man” was imminent, but suddenly made public the identity of homosexuals. Some people questioned that it was a wide-ranging propaganda, but she thought it was ridiculous: “My public sexual orientation is due to the recent controversy in society, and I never hide my orientation. As a public figure, I like homosexuality and find that there are so many prejudices and discrimination in society, so I think it’s time to put aside my personal worries.
The night before she came out, she made many phone calls to explain her position and decision, including her boss, Lin Jianyue, the company’s top managers, and the female friends who had been rumored, and the response was very supportive. “The company is very open-minded, and the bosses, senior managers and managers feel that if I think clearly, they are psychologically prepared to face it and support me even if there is an impact. My boss, Lin Sheng, said to me,’Ah Nv, this is your very personal thing. We won’t object to it. If you want to do it, we all support it’. He only worries about whether I am impulsive for a moment and where to find such a good boss?’ She telephoned her parents later, because she had no doubt that her parents would not support her.