Of course you are the only Zheng Xiuwen


After Xu Zhi’an and Huang Xinying‘s “safe and stealing” Xuan Rang wave, the most deserving of the fact that Xu Zhi’an’s wife, Zheng Xiuwen, is regarded as a Hong Kong music singer. She has been loved and loved by her friends. She has never changed her husband’s eye, but she has always been dedicated to her. The mental state of Zheng Xiuwen, who has just emerged from the middle of depression, has become the most worrying thing for many fans. However, it is better for Zheng Xiuwen to declare a long article above the account of the private house. He has long told everyone that he has been in the past few days, and that the words in the line also mean that he is willing to give Xu Zhi’an a chance to help the old and the young. Going along, it was attributed to Xu Zhi’an being accompanied by her at the most difficult time, so this time she also stayed with Xu Zhi’an, and she also issued a message saying that she would not mention this again, and In order to rush to the concert to inherit the drums and enthusiasm. Zheng Xiuwen, who is regarded as a “fitness master“, was re-visited on May 1st. He sent a long article and chatted with everyone, but it was a long-lost replacement fitness video. In the video, she tried to shift the Meidai red. The vest, the hair is simply tied behind the head, the person looks full of vitality, the sweaty body is very healthy, she also said that “return to the correct track”, seeing that Xiu Xiuwen is powerful from the shadow high school The level came out and let your fitness and the world return to normal.

Faced with the feelings of her own pillows, Zheng Xiuwen has never been like a cloud in the surrounding imagination. She silently figured out the whole in silence, facing the survival of progress, facing so much waiting. With her re-station to the fans on the stage, she strengthened her heart. As a companion for more than a decade, Zheng Xiuwen has not yet deviated from Xu Zhi’an during the first night. Her heart is more than angry, so she chose again. I am convinced that Xu Zhi’an really understands how to rehabilitate this time and understands the original feelings of Zheng Xiuwen.
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