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1) Advertising partners (Advertizers)

Advertizers are free on Ticketbuynow. If you want your event to achieve better publicity, please talk to us and make the event more eye-catching and more advanced. Many users can see your wonderful events. In addition, we also offer more different promotional programs, such as, Facebook referrals and more. If you have other ideas, please also discuss with us to create the unlimited possibilities of social media new media!

2) Selling and selling tickets (Ticket seller)

We welcome all sectors, including self-employed individuals to sell, sell and resell tickets on your platform. We will not charge you for the listing. We also guarantee that all tickets are traded with you in cash.

3) Media and Interviewer (Media)

Media and Interviewer (Media) ticketbuynow As one of the most comprehensive and wide-ranging 2-hand ticket sales platforms in Hong Kong, it has become a media player. In the past, ticketbuynow reported or interviewed concerts, stage plays, exhibitions and shopping malls. It also served as a promotional media for some major events such as the Hong Kong International Film Festival.

4) Content Partners

Content Partners A better platform and more content. Among the many classifications of ticketbuynow, if you are an expert in one of the categories, you may wish to cooperate and upload your content to ticketbuynow. If there is enough internal content, we can make you the main content provider of the category and provide links to the layout. Your website, mutual benefit

5) Concert organizer partner (Organizator)

Our platform has a special ticket area, and we welcome all organizers to cooperate with us to make ticket sales.

6) Individual partners (Individuals)

Individuals (Individuals) As a loyal user, are you interested in growing up with ticketbuynow? We are in need of blood, a big-eyed helper to develop ticketbuynow together. You can help with events, media contacts, online promotions, and more. We look forward to everybody who cares!

7) Investors

Investors A good platform requires financial support. Whether in the server, product development and marketing, etc., funds are needed to maintain operations. While pocketbuynow has unlimited potential, early investments will provide investors with excellent returns. We hope that entrepreneurs and investors who are interested in developing the creative technology industry in Hong Kong can help us develop to another stage.

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