Chung sang at the Hong Kong red pavilion


On July 18, cheng held a concert at the Hong Kong red hall. After experiencing husband xu zhian derailment storm. The 47-year-old Hong Kong pop diva still puts her best efforts into concerts like a girl.

According to insiders, chung’s concerts are always very exciting. Ten years ago, it was hard to get a single ticket. Even the four most popular heavenly Kings could not sell him. In addition, he has not held a concert for two years, so this time the sales, it is a rush.

Don’t know, this concert even cheng xiuwen circle friends have come to cheer. There’s also gigi leung, Hong Kong’s richest woman, gambi, and actress chou-hung chung. Even four consecutive shows are female guests keiki xue, li huimin, gigi leung and heavyweight diva ye qianwen.

He even shed tears when talking about the song traffic lights. See zheng xiuwen cry into tears fans also have choked up. But after the day is after the day, is this also can quickly adjust the state, the voice euphemically moving, touching people.

On July 22, coco lee posted a message on the social media platform, thanking her sister zheng xiuwen for inviting her to be a guest, recalling the days when we had worked together for 25 years, and thanking her for covering her debut song. I hope we won’t have to wait for another 25 years.

In the eyes of many Internet users, coco lee and Amy cheng may have a distant relationship, but in fact they have a very close relationship.

Coco lee and sammi cheng were artists from the same company, released the song “love silly love LaLaLa” as a group, and appeared on variety shows together. Cheng sang the song of coco lee’s masterpiece I’m still your lover.