Chung sang classical songs at the concert


On July 18, chung sang her classic song “traffic lights” at a concert, possibly because so many things happened recently that made her emotional. After singing two lines, zheng xiuwen frequently wiped his tears and cried while singing.

Zheng xiuwen was deeply moved by the song. She said, “I was depressed at that time. This song accompanied me for many nights. < / p > < p > zheng xiuwen as music diva, Hong Kong female representatives, the body has been the spirit of indomitable, no matter how big the blow and difficulties can not let her yield, she can put all the pressure into power, even if the betrayal of her husband derailed also want to work hard to prepare for the concert, will be the most perfect side of the fans.

May be in singing when the touch is too big, zheng xiuwen choked up tears while singing while crying, gaunt appearance makes fans distressed unceasingly, we have shouted goddess strong, do not be disturbed by the outside world.

Although zheng xiuwen has come out from xu zhian and huang xinying derailment in the thing, but the husband betrayal adds public opinion pressure to give her no small blow, xu zhian was forgiven after admitting his mistake, the husband and wife are finally reconciled.

July 12 zheng xiuwen in the red hall when xu zhian also had the scene, but he just got off the car was waiting at the scene of a large number of zheng xiuwen fans surrounded, surrounded by “shushan” sound, all the voice of cynicism. Xu zhian some at a loss, only under the escort of the security guards quickly enter the arena, and he did not dare to stage, only in the audience quietly concerned about his wife. But since zheng xiuwen chose to forgive, others have no right to comment.

Cheating case, in addition to sammi cheng, honest Kenneth ma also very heartrending, he chose to break up with Jacqueline, but new relationship has been no progress, had been rumors that TVB intentionally set he and his girlfriend tang poetry poems to cooperation, but recently the tang dynasty poems was photographed and she is 6 years younger elite education shih-ming Chen shopping for food, intimate behavior suspected exposure, it seems that she and Kenneth ma is decree by destiny, but anyway, let’s wish their happiness.