Chung is halfway through 13 concerts


Zheng xiuwen had 13 “#FOLLOWMi zheng xiuwen world tour” for more than half of the show. Different from the previous shows, zheng xiuwen invited the “all-female class” as guests this time, which included many singers of later generations. The audience was full of emotions and enthusiasm.

July 18, zheng xiuwen completed the sixth concert, invited zheng rong (Stephanie) as a guest, the two people performed “traffic lights“. Before singing, zheng xiuwen gave a speech, saying that the song was accompanied by her at the lowest ebb, at that time, her mood was like standing at the traffic lights, not across the street. By the end of the first few lines, Ms. Chung was choking up, then Shouting and singing the chorus.

After the event, she said in a social platform that night a little feeling, recall the depression period, often a person hiding in the room, listened to the traffic lights, and food smoke: “feel like a huge powerlessness imprisoned on the island of safety on the road, and then looked at (the) across the traffic lights in the switch, when the green light is (was) very want very to want to walk across the road, but it was a strange fear imprisoned, inner shake shake, completely step out half step… “It was this song that accompanied chung through countless painful nights.

In fact, after zheng xiuwen comeback, once in the concert solo “traffic lights,” so this time can be performed with the original song, for her to also do not have meaning. She continued: “looking back at what I went through is to help more people in the future, because I went through it and I can only understand more about their pain and helplessness, and understand the pain of others is the empathy we need.”