Chinese music legend


Today, I will talk to you about the legendary Chinese music scene – Jay Chou. Because considering that Jay is about to release a new album, and then there is a recent mid-year event that can be analyzed, I want to talk to you. Recently, what is Jay’s VOCAL? After all, the public should have known that Jay’s nephew is degraded, but the author has to say that not many people say so seriously, most songs can still sing.

What did the early Jay music look like? I just cite a few songs – “Maple”, “To the North”, “The Longest Movie“, “Skip”… These songs are basically stuck near the boy’s voice-changing point, and the singer’s continuous output ability is required. Very high, even the “longest movie” and “stranded” have a few small characters on the three groups. However, the early Jay’s live interpretation of these music, perhaps the author said that it is a bit too easy, but there is no problem with stable control. At that time, I thought that Jayen could become a high-pitched voice.

Later… I don’t know why, Jay’s nephew gradually began to degenerate, perhaps because of irregular life, perhaps because the concert was too frequent, and the vocal cords were too much. In short, Jay’s scene wanted to be more difficult. The repertoire has become a very difficult thing. We are now going to Baidu to search for the Jay Chou concert. It is not difficult to find that Jay’s concerts now include more simple songs, or let their “friends” sing along with themselves.

After so many years, this year’s Jay Chou may be the best year to rest, because this year’s Jay Chou will not have to participate in “China’s Good Voice” first, eliminating the trouble of recording programs, which will undoubtedly have better work and rest. . Moreover, Jay has only participated in some platter concerts in recent times. He did not say that he needs to sing a whole game alone. If you choose to record songs in such a period of time, can the singing of the new album be improved?