Chinese music industry leader


As the “leader” of the younger generation of singers in the Chinese music industry, jay Chou’s fans can not only be confined to China, but also many people like jay Chou’s music internationally. Jay Chou’s unique “Chinese style” music, not only praise Chinese songs, but also show the world the profound Chinese culture.

It can be said that jay Chou’s “the strongest earth 2 world tour” in 2019 has achieved great success, especially the one held in the world-renowned “gambling city” Las Vegas at the beginning of this year, which attracted the public’s attention. Jay Chou‘s posters can be seen almost everywhere in Las Vegas. You can’t help but feel that Chinese singers would look really cool on the world stage.

However, jay Chou’s concerts are always full of star fans. The most powerful earth 2 concert also has many domestic and foreign stars, who can feel the charm of Chinese style in person.

Now, the earth’s strongest 2 world tour has entered its final stage, with only three concerts remaining on April 26, April 27 in London, UK, and May 2 in Paris, France, including two concerts in two consecutive days in London, UK. I believe that when the time comes, the British and French people who love China music will feel the charm of Chinese culture.

However, what Chinese netizens are looking forward to most is jay Chou’s new album. Wen shan has revealed that jay Chou’s new album is not far away. Fang wenshan also said that he has prepared many songs for jay Chou. As jay’s closest partner on music, fang wenshan revealed that the credibility is very high.

So many netizens have dared to predict that jay will start work on his new album as soon as June after he finishes his earth’s strongest 2 world tour in early may. I believe this is a great news for those who like music and jay Chou.