All China is looking forward to Jay Chou’s new song


Jay Chou has been in the for more than 20 years since he debuted. His representative songs include “Listen to Mom’s Words”, “Like Snow”, “The Cowboy is Busy”, “The Longest Movie”, and the two years of fire. Confessions Balloons, these years, Chinese people are less and less fond of listening to songs. In the Mainland, there is a song that is not the theme song of the film and television drama. It can be said that it is very remarkable. Moreover, Jay Chou is also the originator of Chinese music in the Mainland. Jay Chou can be said to have created many miracles in the Chinese music scene.

In the past few years, Jay Chou gradually put down the footsteps of the album, and the work content is basically to participate in the music variety show and so on. Since the “Jacker’s Bedside Story” in 2016, Jay Chou has only released two more singles, “Wait for You to Lecture”, “Don’t Love Me, Pull Down“. The song “Don’t Love Me, Pull Down” is also rejected by fans. However, Jay Chou didn’t care. He continued to drink the milk tea he had indulged in after the album. The belly was bigger than the day, and the fans were looking forward to the day when Jay Chou could officially release the album.

In the past two years, almost all the media in the three places have asked Jay Chou when to release a new album, but Jay Chou will answer the new album almost every time. However, the album was produced for almost three years and has not yet been produced. Jay Chou has also become the “Jellen pigeon” in the mouth of the fans.

Recently, Jay Chou spoke on social media, it seems that the new album is released next month, fans’ questions, Jay Chou’s answer also confirmed this. After that, the media interview Jay Chou confirmed that he wanted to sing. It can be said that this news makes the fans of Jay Chou celebrate the day.

Jay Chou has been around for so many years, and it’s okay to not sing a song for a few years. I hope fans understand.