Cheng soo-wen suddenly choked up at the concert


Zheng xiuwen‘s singing career came to a climax in 1988 when she won the third place in the xinxiu singing contest. She became a household name with her song “I am happy” in the millennium, and has since written several hit songs.

After making achievements in her singing career, zheng xiuwen pursued singing and acting, acting in “magic kitchen“, “dragon and phoenix fight” and other film and television works. Make small make impression the most impressive is zheng xiuwen in chow xingchi movie “lucky train” cameo a little nurse, the character character of sly and charming performance incisively and vividly.

Apart from the songs and movies, zheng xiuwen is most famous for her emotional entanglements with xu zhian. Xu zhian and zheng xiuwen in public as good friends, but underground is a well-known relationship. Xu zhian and zheng xiuwen announced their romance in 2002, but announced their separation in 2004 and finally entered the marriage hall after their reunion in 2011.

And in April this year, xu zhian derailed huang xinying however, make zheng xiuwen dejected. Nevertheless after incident exposure, xu zhian stands out to admit a mistake actively, broke off all contacts with huang. And actively accompany zheng xiuwen fitness, preparing for the concert, trying to regain the image of a good man.

During her performance of the song “traffic lights” on July 18, chung sobbed suddenly and began to cry after only one or two sentences. Zheng explained the song’s unique significance. “I was depressed at that time,” she said. “I listened to the song for many nights.

Since then the audience fans are also very excited, have shouted xu zhian out to apologize. As we all know, zheng xiuwen suffered from depression in 2004 because of mental pressure, the whole person suddenly thin, but right now xu zhian chose to leave, let zheng xiuwen face all this alone. When zheng xiuwen survived the depression, xu zhian recovered zheng xiuwen, so many people are not optimistic about this relationship.

< / p > < p > after xu zhian derailment, the past again moved on the stage, zheng xiuwen will inevitably recall the past bit by bit, but fortunately zheng xiuwen mature a lot, will not suffer from depression because of him. Two distractions, are you satisfied with xu zhian’s performance? Feel free to comment.