Cheng soo-man’s Hong Kong concert high burst hall


Cheng soo-man’s Hong Kong concert high burst hall.

The concert was held as scheduled.

This is three months after the “peace of mind event”, zheng xiuwen’s concert came into view again. The concert guests invited a lot of celebrities, zheng xinyi, gan bi, and liken qin, of course, zheng xiuwen’s husband xu zhian also came to the scene to support zheng xiuwen.

Sammi Cheng was born in Hong Kong on August 19, 1972. She was born in chaozhou, guangdong province.

Zheng xiuwen is 80,90 after the students are familiar with it, when the Internet is not very developed, often play zheng xiuwen’s songs on tape, we also put zheng xiuwen’s songs copied in the notebook, now, probably no one to copy the song.

Sammi cheng is the level of Chinese music days, although now some old, but still, singing in addition to singing, sammi cheng also take part in the film performance, this year have a film starring Andy lau and sammi cheng to release, on September 12, 2019, and megan, li xiaofeng starring film “taste of Chinese prickly ash”, who plays like a tree in the summer of the heroine.

In fact, I admire zheng xiuwen, emotionally, zheng xiuwen can officially xu zhian derailment, no depression, career, has been struggling, did not give up his love of singing, but also to act, this age zheng xiuwen live out his own want.

We say that like a singer, in addition to his songs pleasant to hear, the singer’s personality charm will also be worthy of admiration, zheng xiuwen is a woman let people admire, wish her concert big sale, have to go to the scene of friends? Be there or be square.