Cantonese opera name Long Jianyu opened the tidal wave


The Cantonese opera name Long Jianyi (A planing) teamed up with two rookies Li Peiyu and Zheng Yaqi to perform the “Yi Yi Hui Hui Nian Qing” held to commemorate the death of Ren Jianhui for 25 years, and the performance of the Hong Kong Cultural Center Grand Theatre was performed in ten games. Less fans are waiting for it, even preparing to sleep in a sleeping bag.

Tickets began to be released yesterday, but as early as six days before the sale, many “planing fans” lined up outside the ticket office. Yesterday at 10 o’clock in the morning officially opened for sale, tickets were quickly “second kill”, in the “planing fans” every second countedly snapped up, in just 30 minutes, ten tickets have been sold out, officially announced full. The results were 15 minutes faster than the results of Long Jianyi in 2011. The team was excited to see the success. According to the “Plane Fan” outside the Kuihou Cultural Center, the fans ranked first in the first place are waiting for the first time, waiting for six days at the scene, only to get a ticket in hand!

Long Jian and New Entertainment International Producer Vigo thanked the fans for their support. Chu Yakui revealed that he has received many resounding fans recently, and asked for the phone and voice of the event. He said that he can get the trust of Dragon Swordsman, and the support of the “Plane Fan” wholeheartedly for her, is the biggest driving force of his work, laughing and using the performance to repay.

There is only one goal in the current work of Qiu Kui, that is, to make Long Jianyi work happily throughout the whole process, and to make the fans feel satisfied. Regarding the brilliant results of the ten tickets for all the sold outs within 30 minutes, will Qiu Yakui consider adding up? He smiled and said: “If there is good news, we must inform you the fastest time!” Ten games to commemorate Ren Jianhui’s singer-song show, sold out in just 30 minutes yesterday, and successfully achieved brilliant results. The enthusiasm of the planing fans made Long Jian and the producer Qiu Yakui excited, and they will make their efforts to support them.