BTOB 演唱會

The name of BTOB stands for “Born To Beat,” which means “including music ambition, hope and determination, born for Beat.” The members include Enguang, Qihe, Changyi, Xuanzhi, PENIEL, Yuxun, and Star. They made their debut with the song “Insane” on March 21, 2012. All members know how to play musical instruments. Most of their songs are played. It is the composing, lyrics and arrangement of the members themselves, which is a veritable strength Idol. Among them, members of the busy star have appeared in many Korean dramas and variety shows, including “Lonely and Splendid God-Ghost”, “Please answer 1994”, “Who Are You-School 2015”, “We are married”, “The Law of the Jungle”, “The Real Man”, etc. Especially in the “Ghosts” in the interpretation of Andy Lau, the performance is highly appreciated, is a face of the general public who is widely recognized by the public. The other two members, Enguang and Chang Hao, are also stage performers and versatile.