I believe that Zhang Yixing has nothing to do


Zhang Yixing is the only Chinese person in EXO. He is far away from home to travel abroad. Zhang Yixing is not only suffering from language barriers and no one knows. The hard work and grievances of the practice became a glory with the applause and cheers after the debut. Because of hard work, it will be the greatest joy when it comes to success.

After the hard work, not only the thousands of fans around the world and the trophies, but also the pain and old diseases. The airport fainted, the waist injury continued, and the pain was obtained at the best age, that is, Zhang Yixing. A child without talent can’t succeed? Wrong, Zhang Yixing used his own experience to tell the world that everyone who works hard can be seen.

After returning to China, Zhang Yixing was known to everyone because of “Extreme Challenge”, “Idol Connection” and CCTV Spring Festival Evening. Those who like him are not only young younger brothers and sisters, but also many uncles and uncles because of his sincerity and hard work. Circle the powder, every time the sweet smile is like the sun to heal the unhappiness of everyone’s heart.

The role of “February Red” in “Old Nine Gates” also made many viewers see the potential of Zhang Yixing as an actor, and the “A Good Play” directed by Huang Qige has been set to 0810, with the shape of a jerk with a pair of glasses. look forward to.

“LOSE CONTROL” “SHEEP” two albums are gratifying, twice refreshed Chinese albums and singers in the world album rankings, multiple records and awards came one after another. When the fans were still happy for him, Zhang Yixing became the only publicity ambassador of Grammy 2018-2019 in China, which surprised countless fans and felt powerless. Zhang Yixing went too fast. He didn’t need fans to cover the wind and rain. The hard work of a person is the last thing fans want to see.

Little pride has become a big pride, he has done everything incredible, I believe that Zhang Yixing has nothing to do.