Andy Lau’s early experience


Andy Lau, born on September 27, 1961 in Hong Kong, China, is a native of Guangdong Xinhui, a Hong Kong actor, singer, lyricist and producer.

Born in the New Territories of Hong Kong, Andy Lau was ranked fourth in the family. When he was young, he moved to the lodge area of ​​Diamond Hill in Kowloon with his family and worked with his sister to help the family manage the porridge business. In 1973, Andy Lau moved with his family to the 14th floor of Block 15, Lantian Village, Hong Kong. After graduating from Wong Tai Sin Catholic Primary School, Andy Lau went to Kelly Middle School. During his studies at Keli Middle School, Andy Lau actively participated in the performance of the school drama club in the school and learned the drama knowledge under the guidance of the teacher Du Guowei. In addition, he is involved in behind-the-scenes production including scriptwriting. Liu Dehua won the 1B3D2E (Chinese reading A) in the 5th Central Examination. After the sixth semester of the sixth year, he went to the Hong Kong Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. to train in the artist training class, thus starting the road of performing arts.

On December 29, 2018, according to Hong Kong media reports, Andy Lau held a series of 20 “My Love Andy Lau World Tour” New Year concerts in the Red Hall. In the 14th game last night (December 28), Andy Lau was lost. And in the middle of the waist singer concert, Andy Lau excitedly shed tears to apologize to the audience.

As a singer, Andy Lau is a representative of the Chinese performing arts circle and the best song. His unique and mellow voice is unique in the music world, and his singing voice is also known as the “Liu Shi love song“. With his signature vibrato, he sang a lot of golden songs such as “Forget Love Water” and “Men Cry is Not Sin”. His musical style also carries out his positive, healthy and enterprising image; from “My and my chasing dreams” to “The End of Life”, from “Thank you for your love” to “True love is difficult”, a first Liu-style love song Has become synonymous with Hong Kong-style love songs.