Andy Lau’s classic songs are never tired of listening


Andy Lau, one of the “Four Great Kings“, is an evergreen tree in the entertainment industry. He struggled in the entertainment circle for decades, until today’s popularity is still unabated, which is called the model and model of the entertainment industry. In 1985, he joined Huaxing Records Co., Ltd.; in the same year, he released the first album of Liu Dehua, “I only know that I love you at the moment,” and officially entered the music scene.

Liu Dehua’s slogan has been prosperous for decades. Many people grew up listening to his songs. Let’s take a look at his 20 classics.

The 20th: true style

True My Style” is included in the 1992 album “My Style”, the classic songs of lyrical and inspirational, won the 1992 Top Ten Golden Song Awards, a very classic Cantonese song.

The nineteenth: go alone to steal

It was included in the 1992 album “True My Style” and was also included as an episode of “Macau Fengyun 3”. The Mandarin version of “The Soul” is included in Andy Lau’s 1993 national album “True Feelings”.

Eighteenth: I hate my infatuation

I hate my infatuation” is a masterpiece in the songs of Hua Tsai, full of movement. Since the advent of this song, Hua Tsai almost sang at the concert every time. The song was sung by the single song “I Hate Myself For Loving You” by female rock singer Joan Jett in the 1980s.

Seventeenth: fascinated by the secret

The Mandarin version of “Enchanted” is called “Insufficient Words”. In 1993, the song “Attachment is You” was released. Hua Tsai called it a very important song. This song later became a repertoire of the Hua Tsai concert. In the words of the lyrics, the deep love for a person is revealed. Perhaps it is the creation of people, this feeling is not open, and it is difficult for a lover to become a genus, but only secretly fascinated.