Amazing news Chen Haoxun opened a concert


Explosion news! Eason Chan is going to open a concert in 2019. I feel that I haven’t seen Eason Chan’s concert for a long time. The last Eason Chan concert was in 2017. After two years, I heard this news and I really want to burst into tears. Eason Chan sang. I will sing in Hong Kong on December 9, 2019. I like the friends of Eason Chan and hurry to buy tickets.

Eason Chan’s status in the Chinese music scene is no one can surpass. Even if he does not record new songs and does not record variety shows, his influence is still there. Boys like to sing Eason Chan’s songs, girls like to sing Faye Wong’s songs, Eason Chan’s songs are not simple. The exaggeration, the song has a great rhyme, and people who need a little life experience can feel the same.

Ten Years” is the most classic song of Eason Chan. “I didn’t know you ten years ago. You don’t belong to me.” Whenever I hear this, my heart will tremble. This song won the top ten golden songs in the Chinese song list and the top ten golden songs in the 4th Pepsi Music Music Chart. Many people will definitely click on the songs.

Because of love” Eason Chan and Wang Fei sang a song, this is a song that both men and women like to sing, Faye Wong’s voice is ethereal, gentle, and Eason Chan is relatively high and warm. Their chorus is rich in emotions, both young and old.

Of course, Eason Chan still has a lot of music works. He likes Eason Chan’s friends. He can see his performance in Hong Kong in December 2019. In order to get a ticket, I still have to buy tickets in advance. I wish everyone can grab the tickets. ! I sang ten years together with Eason Chan, the decade we have passed away.

This 2019, blasted up and cheered.