Always respect the king of music Andy Lau


Andy Lau is already in his fifties. He is going to have a concert in his fifties. In fact, he is very distressed, but we all know that Andy Lau loves his career and presents the perfect performance to the audience. Our support for Andy Lau’s career is to respect him best. On September 13, 2019, Andy Lau will hold a concert in Malaysia. Is anyone going to see it?

Liu Dehua is very interested in the entertainment industry against evergreen trees. Even if he is in a high position, Andy Lau has no shelf, so it is really rare for the stars, and the German art is sweet.

As a singer, he is a representative of the Chinese performing arts circle and the best song. His unique and mellow voice is unique in the music world, and his singing voice is also known as the “Liu Shi love song“. With his signature vibrato, he sang a lot of golden songs such as “Forget Love Water” and “Men Cry is Not Sin”. His musical style also carries out his positive, healthy and enterprising image; from “My and my chasing dreams” to “The End of Life“, from “Thank you for your love” to “True love is difficult”, a first Liu-style love song Has become synonymous with Hong Kong-style love songs.

Liu Dehua combines positive energy, seriousness, and never give up, and is a model of entertainment artists. From the early Qing Dynasty to the all-round artist after his fame, his life trajectory reflects the pioneering spirit of a generation of Hong Kong people. His personality is cheerful and welcoming, treating others with equal courtesy, and he can put himself in the shoes of the people, so his reputation and popularity in the entertainment industry are very good.

Andy Lau, September 13th, 2019 Malaysia concert, call you!